CCTV Video Server Software

The iSC-S/VSS CCTV Video Server provides the ability of integration with 3rd Party DVR/NVR system. Once integrated, this module will be able to stream the “live” alarm videos feed to this module that maps to the alarm event. Recording is also done simultaneously in its’ own storage allowing playback whenever alarm qurey is being made thus resulting in faster, more effective and efficient investigation.

Guard Tour Software

iSC-S/GTS Guard Tour Software is developed on iSC-S platform for Guard Tour Management. It utilises the existing Door Access Reader to double-up as the guard tour checkpoint when a Guard Tour Card / Fingerprint is presented on the assigned reader to form as Guard Tour route. The guard tour record will be sent to the backend application during online or send back once the lost communication is re-established.

Guard Tour alarm may be configured when there is no clocking on the checkpoint after the predefine period on the digital map.

The online Guard Tour allows the FCC to know the patrol conditions and react immediately during situation if the patrol officer did not reach the next checkpoint within the grace period.

Human Tracking Software

iSC-S/HTS Human Tracking Software is developed for monitoring of User count within predefine area for crowd control; track & trace of User movement and location.

The application can be configured to sound an alarm base on the following conditions:
1 crowd count reaches the predefined limit;
2 crowd count exceeds pre-warning limit;
3 User stay time exceeds the predefined time;
4 invalid entry;

On locating & tracking of User, the application allows the query using Card ID; User ID; Name and Department. Query can be by:
1 location of User
2 length of stay of User
3 pattern of User movement
4 each area current User information
5 valid & invalid User count with Users’ information

Visitor Management Software

iSC-S/VMS Visitor Management Software is able to function either as a stand-alone or as an integrated application that works along with Access Controller forming as part of an Integrated Security System.
When used as an integral part of an Integrated Security System, access right can be assigned to the Visitors visiting the premises that allow the tracking and tracing of Visitor’s whereabouts including limiting the access rights to limited access points.

Visitor Management System with Pedestrian Access Gate is a very common sight in many commercial buildings be it old or new. The system acts as the first line of defense to help identify between a Visitor and Tenant Staff. The system not only track the Entry & Exit of Visitors, it will also track the Tenant Staff movement.

The software can be configured to support different documents reader like Bar-code Scanners or Multi-Document Scanners which automatically captures the Visitor’s NRIC No. / Driver License No. / Passport No. and Name. The auto-capturing of Visitors’ information by these readers enhance the visiting experience as waiting time is greatly reduced with minimum keystroke required on the system by the System Administrator.
Webcam to take a “Live” snap-shot photo of the Visitor is an optional feature available within the application.

Our Visitor Management System have the flexibility to mix and match the system configuration based on client requirements and needs. Example like:

a) using Visitor’s own NRIC / Driving License / Work Pass as an access pass;
b) issuance of Bar-code Ticket;
c) issuance of Proximity Card.

On Proximity Access Card configuration, our software allows the support of Card Reader connection that further helps to reduce the need of keystroke input of the Card ID by the System Administrator.

Elid being a system developer, we have incorporated the use of Biometric Technology – Iris; Facial & Fingerprint with the Visitor Management System. Such configuration addresses the issues of running cost and weights down on the tracing of non-return Visitor’s pass.

Time Attendance Software

iSC-S/TC TimeCheck Attendance Software is developed on iSC-S platform sharing the same database. It utilises designated Door Access point for attendance taking and thus eliminates the need of additional dedicated Time Attendance machine.

The application would require the setting-up of the parameters of Time Attendance rules like working hours and shift patterns; overtime rules; allowance and etc… before attendance report can be generated.

Attendance report generation can be based on individual criteria or combination of criteria like department; individual; abnormal attendance; late attendance; weekly; monthly and etc…

Other than attendance reporting, it can generate total work hour for overtime base on parameters set.

OPC Server

iSC-S/OPC also known as OPC Server is an application for integration with 3rd party’s application like Building Management System via high level interface using OPC protocol. The exchange of information could be door monitoring status, communication status and event status in real time with system control in 3rd party system.
OPC Server is able to provide the following system information:

1 Door status
a) door open;
b) door close;
c) door left open;
d) door force open;
e) door open via time zone;

2 Controller status
a) tamper;
b) main power failure;
c) low battery;
d) communication fail;

3 Event status
a) I/O status
i) arm;
ii) disarm;
iii) alarm;

b) Invalid status
i) invalid card;
ii) invalid time zone;
iii) invalid door;
The invalid status can include Name; User ID; Card ID; Date & Time.
3rd party interface for remote system control include door release; permanent open; permanent lock; arming; disarming; acknowledging alarm.

SMS Management Software

iSC-S/SMS is a messaging application to send short messages to mobile phones of the stake holder. This application allows the programming of unlimited mobile numbers to receive the messages.
Upon receiving the message, the system will require the owner of the programmed mobile number to acknowledge the received by replying to the message. Once replied, the message server will stop the sending the same message. This process signify that the stake holder has received the messages.
This application eliminates the need for security personnel to be residing in the FCC 24 x 7.


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