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Elid Technology International Pte Ltd has developed the world’s 1st Innovative automated robotic cleaning and painting system for the construction sector for both indoor and outdoor deployment AXIOBOTS®.

In addition to robotic cleaning and painting, AXIOBOTS® is also capable of performing the following tasks:

  1. Façade Inspection
  2. Water Tightness Test


AXIOBOTS® has acquired grant of patent in:

  1. Singapore
  2. United States of America
  3. China

Industrial Problems

AXIOBOTS® is designed to address various issues in the industry such as:

  1. Manpower problems
  2. Safety issues
  3. Productivity

Traditionally, facade cleaning and painting were done primarily with workers up on various access platforms, such as gondola, boom lifts, scissors lift and mast climbing platform, etc.

These projects are

  1. Labour Intensive;
  2. Safety;
  3. Low in Efficiency
Manpower Minimum 2 Workers per Gondola (Depending on the Number of Gondolas) 1 Operator (Ability to operate multiple Systems)
Work Pace Inconsistent Consistent
Cleanliness Quality 90% 99%
 Safety Workers exposed to Risk of Work at Height Operation from Ground
Coverage 95% 99%
Speed Up to 60 sqm per hour Up to 126 sqm per hour

Success Stories

AXIOBOTS has been deployed and completed the painting and cleaning task in some notable buildings in Singapore.


AXIOBOTS was deployed for facade painting on a building in the East.

Before After
Elid-AxioBot Elid-AxioBot-02


AXIOBOTS was deployed for glass facade cleaning on a hotel in the East.

AXIOBOTS® | Elid Technology International Pte. Ltd | Elid Technology Screenshot 2020 06 11 at 4.36.25 PM
Before After
Elid-AxioBot-03 Elid-AxioBot-04

AXIOBOTS® performed ‘night owl’ work at a building in the West, where it
involves the façade cleaning on cladding and glass surfaces.

Before After
Elid-AxioBot-05 Elid-AxioBot-06

The picture below shows a building covered with algae.

Before After
Elid-AxioBot-07 Elid-AxioBot-08