iSC Visitor Management Software Module can be used as a stand-alone or as an integral application working along with Access Controller forming as part of an Integrated Security System.
When used as an integral part of an Integrated Security System, access right can be assign to the Visitors visiting the premise that allows the tracking and tracing of Visitor’s whereabouts including limiting the access rights at limited access points.

The software can be configured to support different documents reader like Bar-code Scanners and Multi-document Scanner that auto capture the Visitor’s NRIC No. / Drivers License No. / Passport No. and name. The auto capturing of info by these reader enhance the Visitor’s visiting experience as waiting time is greatly reduced as minimum keystroke is needed for the system administrator.

Webcam for taking a snap-shot photo of the Visitor is an optional feature available within the application including a Card Reader that auto-captures the Access Card ID assigned to Visitor instead of the conventional manual inputting of Access Card ID information via keyboard.

Visitor’s access card can be recycled thus reducing waste.

Self-help Visitor Registration Kiosk

With the help of our R&D department we are able to bring our Visitor Management System to a new level by
incorporating it into an E-Kiosk System with various configurations depending on customer’s needs.

Visitor no longer need to change their visitor pass at Security Counter. This system helps reduce the workload and
pressure of the Security Personnel when there is a sudden surge of Visitor visiting the premise.

Usage and Security level of the E-kiosk can be set via the Visitor’s Management Application Software. Webcam
snapshot; compulsory scanning of Visitor’s ID document; manual entry of Visitor’s ID; allow 1st visit usage and etc…
are some of the example of security setting on the applications.

Visitor Management Report is a standard function for both Manual and E-Kiosk Visitor Management System. Report
may include snap-shot photo of Visitor depending on client request during system configuration.

Integration with Lift Designation Control System

Enhancement & remodeling of product is a must for any product and industries in today’s world.
The Lift System has undergone slews of revamp that includes the use of intelligent & remodeling of lift usage. Some user may have experience and some may not have. This new Lift System is known as “Lift Designation Control System”.

This advancement utilizes a central computer system. Remodeling involve the removal of “Floor Call Button” (usually within the Lift-car) to the Lift landing. This new remodeling will allow the lift to know the Users’ intended floor visit in advance. It will require Lift User to register the desired floor of visit at the Lift Landing where the “Floor Call Button” resides.

The computer for the Lift System will then group the User and assign them with a Lift number that will serve them. Grouping of Users to the nearest floor and limiting the number of stop of every Lift will maximize the Lift performance in efficiency including shortening the usage time of every Lift User unlike conventional Lift System where the Lift do not know in advance which floor the User are visiting.

iSC Visitor Management Software has integrated its’ software with the latest lift control system with Lift company via high-level interface. The interface require our Visitor Management System to inform the Lift which floor the Visitor’s intended visit and thus group / assign the Visitor to a designated Lift. This integration will allow the Visitor to know which Lift would be serving them when they tap their Visitor’s Card on the Card Reader