The CCTV System is a comprehensive digital video solution with on-site monitoring and full remote capabilities. Various locations can be monitored simultaneously on a single screen. It can also be connected to our existing security systems like access control systems, enhancing business productivity, efficiency and profitability.

Our team of professionals work closely to advise customers on camera placements to enhance the coverage and effectiveness of surveillance systems while optimizing lighting conditions. In additional, operational and security efficiency can be increased with the use of network digital video with powerful management platforms across multiple locations.

General CCTV Features:
– Indoor/Outdoor
– IR/Day-Night Surveillance
– Fixed/Pan-Tilt-Zoom
– Analog/Network IP Based
– High resolution/High Definition (HID)

DVR/NVR Features:
– Network Scalable Digital Video Recorder
– Dynamic E-map
– Emergency Recording
– Instant Replay
– Mosaic View for Privacy
– Watermarking

– Use advanced flash memory technology

– Data is not lost even when batteries are flat