Self-Registration Kiosk

ISC Visitor Registration System can be used as a standalone or as an integral application with access controller forming as part of an integrated security system. Access rights [...]

Anti-Crash Barriers

Anti-crash Barriers Anti-crash barriers also known as Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) products. They are designed to resist hostile vehicle penetration of high-speed vehicles. These vehicle security barriers undergo [...]



Software Management

ISC Integrated Software Integrated Security Control Software (ISC-S) is specially designed to meet the increasing industry needs for high security and efficient automation control management. The ISC-S resides [...]

Carpark System

Products Parking System is designed to efficiently control entry and exit in Carparks. The basic main component would be Car Park Barrier; Vehicle Loop Detector and/or Photo Beam; [...]

Pedestrian Gate

World's first Single Drop Arm Barrier in 2004. First in Singapore to install Drop Arm Barrier with Biometric Reader in high rise buildings in 2004. As a Leading Pedestrian [...]

Biometric Systems

Biometric Technology by far is the most secured identifier token for Time Attendance & Access Control System as it is almost impossible to replicate ones biometric. Biometric Identifier token [...]

Access Control Systems

Electronic Access Control System controls entry to premises. Authorised users use electronic keys such as PIN numbers, cards or biometric identifiers to gain access. A basic system usually consists [...]

CCTV Surveillance System

The CCTV System is a comprehensive digital video solution with on-site monitoring and full remote capabilities. Various locations can be monitored simultaneously on a single screen. It can also [...]

Access Control System

Electronic Access Control System controls entrances to premises. Authorised users use credentials such as PIN, Proximity Cards, Finger as Electronic Key to gain access. A basic system usually [...]