Half-height Tripod Turnstiles are cost-effective, robust and reliable. It is popular for sites where access is controlled or monitored. Utilising a mechanical drive unit that enables the arm to be pushed through effortlessly, it can facilitate a high volume of human traffic flow. Self-centering, anti-action mechanisms and spring dampers are also incorporated to allow complete and smooth operation of the rotation.

The Tripods are usually at lock position during normal operation. Upon valid signal, the tripod arm mechanism will unlock. After each arm rotation or timeout pre-set in the controller, the arm will then relock.

The Half-height Tripod turnstile offers greater cost savings as compared to the flap and drop arm turnstile systems. These turnstiles are widely used in Dormitories, Worksite, Factories and Shipyards as it can withstand harsh environment and ruggedness uses. The rotating tripod mechanism allows only one person to pass at a time, eliminating the tailgating problem.


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