Elid’s legacy door access system controllers have options for 1 door, 2 door and 4 door controls. These controllers can be interlinked via the RS485 communication line to the computer to provide an integrated and centralised control of all the doors within the premises. Via the RS485 communication, it allows connection of up to 1 km. With the iSC Multi-level RS485 topology, it allows the RS485 communication to go beyond the distance of 1 km.

The iSC Legacy range of door access system controllers can be connected to the TCP/IP Network controllers. The network can also be easily maintained and upgraded.

Our Legacy range of door access system controllers:

  • iS100 Series Single Door Controller
  • iS10 Series Mini Single Door Controller
  • iS200 Two Door Controller
  • iS400 Four Door Controller
  • iS400L/iS800L Lift controller

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